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The slow list on a rotten provider =)

Well, there has been another list created already.

	The problem with registering another org is not only the
	money, but who's going to be Tech/Admin/Zone contact?

	I wouldn't pay for a domain I didn't have say say over.
	Who'd do the authoritative DNS?  What would the address
	of record be?

	To get around the money part, register a US domain;
	they're free.  But then, what state would you make it?
	atlantia.gen.va.us?  atlantia.gen.md.us?  etc, etc.

	Lots of real questions there.

	I'd be more than happy to provide address records and
	mail exchange records on my personal domain name, as I
	have for the N.Va sca web page, for free.  But I'm sure
	everybody wouldn't go for that, either.

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