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Re: Administrivia - Delays,New List -Reply

> Actaully, the domain sca.org already exists. Why don't we just get a host
> name off that domain, which should be free or a very nominal fee...

I've been talking to the sca.org people since January and have yet to
discover what they intend to do with it, mainly because they have yet
to figure out what they want to do with it. My reading of the tea
leaves so far is that they will not want any mailing lists hosted on
an sca.org host, because they don't want any "official" mailing lists
with postings by anyone who isn't speaking for SCA Inc.

This is a bit of an extreme position, but it's not so surprising for
such a conservative corporation.

So I'm thinking about registering "notthesca.org" :-) No one would
confuse any mailing lists or web pages there for official statements
by the SCA Inc.

Gregory Blount