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Re: Response to Proposed IAC Banishment Change

Leifr wrote:

> This, however, is very true, and a concern for all the kingdom, as we are 
> pumping about $7000 of kingdom funds directly into the hands of the 
> Crowns a year (when we actually have the money, that is).
This is simply mis-information.  You make is sound like the Crowns walk around
with a big checkbook to spend as they like.  In general, the Crowns do not
handle *any* money.  First of all, Atlantia's normal budget is something a
bit under $5000/year.  And, Atlantia has a little more than one year's 
operating expenses in the bank right now.

The only money handed to the Crowns is reimbrusments from travel expenses (upon
submission of receipts to the Exchequer) up a limit of $1500/reign ($1000 for
in-Kingdom travel and $500 for out-Kingdom travel).  Somehow, $1500 times 2
does not equal $7000.  In addition, for the current and the coming reigns,
the Royal Travel fund has been almost totally funded by donations and isn't
impacting the Kingdom Treasury even as much as that.

The reimbursement of expenses for officers of the SCA is legal and does in 
no way threaten our non-profit status.  The reimbursed officers do have to
claim the money for tax purposes, but all that does is lessen the total 
deductions for all the other non-reimbursed expenses they incur.