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Re: Selecting Our Crowns

Unto Beornheard et al, does Eogan say "howdy!"
I rather like Beornheard's idea of a major battle.  In fact, I had the 
exact same idea about a year and a half (or so) ago.  I brought it up to 
William the Stout, and we talked about it some.  He understood why I 
liked the thought so, but made several excellent points about why, in all 
probability, it would just not work.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what 
they were now, only that they convinced me at the time.  So, anyone 
interested should ask him for his opinions.  I know he was on the list at 
one time, but I haven't heard from him in a while.  William, are you out 

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, Jeff Tyeryar wrote:

> Unto Fhearghuis mac mheic Iain and all other good folk gathered here at 
> Cheapside, Greeetings from Beornheard of Wearmouth.
> The current discussion on how we, as opposed to medieval folk, chose 
> their monarchs is largely moot.  The rules of the Society, and not the 
> Kingdom of Atlantia, govern how the Grand Cookie will be awarded; unless 
> we are prepared to take on the Governing Structures, therefore, this is 
> all sound and fury, signifying nothing.
> Not that I'm above a little hot air, myself.  So, my comment:
> Fhearghuis mac mheic Iain noted that Election by electors and 
> primogenature, as practiced in the middle ages, would not fit our current 
> middle ages.  However, he omits two other forms of chosing the Big 
> Kahuna.  The first, buying the Crown, as was (nod, nod, wink, wink) done 
> in Venice.  Let's all agree this is a Bad Idea.  The second, however, I 
> rather like.  It involves gathering up all your friends and supporters, 
> and beating up on the friends and supporters of the other guy.
> In short, a battle.
> My own preference for this form of chosing a monarch grows out of the, 
> er, skills necessary to field an army.  One most not only be the biggest, 
> badest rhinohiding stickjock on the block, one must have a minimum of 
> political skills, schmoozing ability, and at least one friend (lest one 
> take to the field alone).  Certies, this form of chosing our Crowns would 
> select for a *few* more traits of leadership than our current athletic 
> contest.  And, gee, how period - a battle to determine the future of the 
> Kingdom.  
> How novel.
> Beornheard