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Selecting Our Crowns

Unto Fhearghuis mac mheic Iain and all other good folk gathered here at 
Cheapside, Greeetings from Beornheard of Wearmouth.

The current discussion on how we, as opposed to medieval folk, chose 
their monarchs is largely moot.  The rules of the Society, and not the 
Kingdom of Atlantia, govern how the Grand Cookie will be awarded; unless 
we are prepared to take on the Governing Structures, therefore, this is 
all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Not that I'm above a little hot air, myself.  So, my comment:

Fhearghuis mac mheic Iain noted that Election by electors and 
primogenature, as practiced in the middle ages, would not fit our current 
middle ages.  However, he omits two other forms of chosing the Big 
Kahuna.  The first, buying the Crown, as was (nod, nod, wink, wink) done 
in Venice.  Let's all agree this is a Bad Idea.  The second, however, I 
rather like.  It involves gathering up all your friends and supporters, 
and beating up on the friends and supporters of the other guy.

In short, a battle.

My own preference for this form of chosing a monarch grows out of the, 
er, skills necessary to field an army.  One most not only be the biggest, 
badest rhinohiding stickjock on the block, one must have a minimum of 
political skills, schmoozing ability, and at least one friend (lest one 
take to the field alone).  Certies, this form of chosing our Crowns would 
select for a *few* more traits of leadership than our current athletic 
contest.  And, gee, how period - a battle to determine the future of the 

How novel.