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Re: Selecting Our Crowns

Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more...

Having been accused of treason once, why not again?

Here's my idea for an 'open' Crown that will still let fighters
have the 'fun' of fighting.

A crown tournament is called.  Any authorized fighter who wants
to fight shows up to do so.  When he or she enters the list, each
fighter is given a sealed envelope.  Inside the envelope are the
names of a couple who have put their names forward as king and
queen, who meet the qualifications of their particular kingdom,
who are acceptable to the crown, and who have submitted a
letter signed by an appropriate number of supporters (sponsors)
some of whom live in their home group.  The couple have paid a
$150 entrance fee (if you can't afford the fee, you -certainly-
can't afford to be king and queen...).  The fighter who wins
crown then opens his or her (still sealed) envelope and has the
honor of announcing the new monarchs.

Thus, we still have a tournament (which many people find
amusing...) but the crown is won, essentially, by a lottery.  The
fighter does not know for whom he or she is fighting, as a matter
of fact, it could be the person they are defeating in the last
round, or even someone who doesn't fight at all (ah, there's the
rub...)  And, in addition,  the tournament raises some nice money
for the kingdom.

In service to the dream,
(but have you ever known two people, even those sleeping next
to each other, to have the same dream?)


Elaina de Sinsitre, OP, ROF
(Order of the Pelican, Really Old Fart)
28 years, 5 kingdoms