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Bread and Circuses Collegium of Black <>

Greetings unto all of the good gentles reading my babblings of the day.
I Connor Levingstoune am writing this to you upon this day in order to say
(begin announcement now)

The Barony of Black Diamond invites all those seeking knowledge and all
those with knowledge to share to:
Bread and Circuses...the Black Diamond Collegium (supposed to be in bold)
April 13, 1996

        Once again the greatest minds and most skilled artisans from all
around will be congregating in the scenic surroundings of the canton
Cymnewydd (Valley of the New for those Gaelicly challenged) located in the
heart of Black Diamond.  This year professes to gather the greatest skilled
artisians from all around and will offer various tracks for those seeking
knowledge, and those who wish to compare current knowledge with their peers.
        Classes will include such martial events such as heavy fighting 101,
rapier 101, small unit leadership and tactics, and various other classes.
For those not of savage heart we offer classes in spinning, calligraphy,
illumination, brewing, beginning garb, and various other skilled crafts.
For those with grace and poise, or merely the desire to lear, classes in
period dance will also be offered.
        A full listing of collegium classes can be obtained by sending a
self-addressed stamped envelope to the autocra, or by merely droping a
message on the listed email account.
        The site will open promptly at 8:30am with classes running from
9:30amuntil 5:30pm.  A feast will be provided beginning at 6:30pm and
running until about the last participant rolls out the door.  For those with
dietary concerns, please contact the autocrat in advance.  
        No site fee will be required, but a donation of $3 will be greatly

Autocrat:  Gervas von Stein (MKA timothy Stone)
                  700 Hunters Road Apt K
                  Radford, VA 24141
                  (540) 731-8436

Directions:  From 81 take exit 118and follow the signs to Virginia tech.
Continue on 460w and turn right onto the campus.  Turn left on Duck pond
road.  Turn Right on Washington Drive.  turn left into the very next parking
lot.  Litton Reeves is the first building on the right...If all else fails
follow the signs.

(end the announcement)

Any and all comments in parentheses while posting the announcement are mine
not the autocrat's...Errors too I will take the blame for whether they are
mine or not...(but only in this post....) If there are any
questions...contact gervas or my self...I I don't know I will fi\d out.

Connor Levingstoune---Friend for the freedom of fine furry four footed ferrets
sca.connor@vt.edu or troyfish@vt.edu
James Ghent
Ragnar Reinulf

Cherish those near you, never be
       The first to break with a friend;
Care eats him who can no longer
       Open his heart to another.