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Re: Selecting Our Crowns

Greetings to Beornheard, and to all good nobles (serfs too if one can be found) from Fhearghuis mac mheic Iain

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, Beornhard proposed (perhaps in jest) a method of choosing the crown which until now had not been considered.  (At least not in this discussion)

> In short, a battle.
> My own preference for this form of chosing a monarch grows out of the, 
> er, skills necessary to field an army.  One most not only be the biggest, 
> badest rhinohiding stickjock on the block, one must have a minimum of 
> political skills, schmoozing ability, and at least one friend (lest one 
> take to the field alone).  Certies, this form of chosing our Crowns would 
> select for a *few* more traits of leadership than our current athletic 
> contest.  And, gee, how period - a battle to determine the future of the 
> Kingdom.  

I must say I kind of like this idea.  I may even say that I had thought I similar thought to myself, though not in such detail.  After all, many have made the point recently that while choosing royalty by stick-jocking is not period choosing them by combat is.  This alluding to conquest in the like of William of Normandy's little affair in Hastings, 1066.

Not only would this form of choosing the Sovereign (sp?) test for the qualities given above, but it would also tend to produce leaders able to fare well in interkingdom wars (like Pennsic).  However important that is to be seen to Atlantians I cannot say.

For once I'll keep it short,