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The list is moving


After much thought, I have decided I agree with Alianora.  It is
time to move the list now, regardless of other preparations.
Therefore, as of Friday, August 5, the atlantia-l list will be
hosted at atlantia@csc.ncsu.edu.  There are a few changes, besides
the addresses, that we will need to remember.  In order to subscribe,
or unsubscribe now, mail must be sent to majordomo@csc.ncsu.edu.
Subscriptions should have the following line (and no other) in
the *body* (not subject) of the message:

subscribe atlantia

Please note that there is no "-l" at the end.  Unsubscriptions
should just replace the word subscribe with unsubscribe.  To 
post to the atlantia list, mail should be sent to atlantia@csc.ncsu.edu.
This will resend your message to everyone on the list.

I will take care of moving everyone to the list initially.
All mesages sent to the old list will be forwarded to the new 
list.  I will do the transfer, Thursday afternoon, to ensure
that everyone has a chance to see this message.  Anyone with
questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me directly.

Also, on another note.  Is there anyone on the list that would
be willing to serve as a nameserver for the domain atlantia.org.
I just found out the place that hosts the list cannot help us
in that respect.  What is needed is two computers, connected to
the Internet, that are able (or preferably already) to run the
Domain Name System server software (usually know as BIND or named
in the Unix world.  We cannot register the domain without this,
so I ask that all of those who pledged money, be patient for a 
little bit.  Thank you very much.

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Listkeeper, Merry Rose
 Tanner Lovelace | lovelace@netcom.com    |  D /       C /  Fence
 Arlington       | lovelace@dcscorp.com   | ()~    --+-\\   Fence
 Virginia        | lovelace@capaccess.org | / >        | \  Fence
         Per chevron argent and azure, a wolf passant 
       sable between three compass roses counterchanged.