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Re: Administrivia - Delays,New List -Reply

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Wynn Klosky wrote:

> Hunh. That's pretty strange. I know the folks who have our local
> mailing list registered (sca-list@caer-galen.outlands.sca.org), and
> they also register our local users at that address (yournamehere@caer-
> galen.outlands.sca.org).
> I must protest that they have been MOST open about registering these
> (and I guar-ron-tee that the CG list is NOT speaking in any official
> capacity -- *I've* posted there! :^).
> Perhaps you have gotten ahold of the wrong person?

outlands.sca.org is not handled by the same people that sca.org
is.  The people at sca.org have delegated someone else the 
responsibility for handling this.  

> I find it strange that he would allow registration of the Outlands'
> stuff and not Atlantia's.
The subdomain outlands.sca.org was delegated a long time ago
(at least a year), well before corporate began to take an interest
in these things.

There is some hope now that we can get atlantia.sca.org and donations
will not be needed, so please, everyone that volunteered to help
with donations, please be patient a while longer.  As soon as I
get definate word of anything, I'll post it to the list.  Thanks.

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