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Re: Administrivia - Delays,New List -Reply

On Sun, 31 Mar 1996, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> I've been talking to the sca.org people since January and have yet to
> discover what they intend to do with it, mainly because they have yet
> to figure out what they want to do with it. My reading of the tea
> leaves so far is that they will not want any mailing lists hosted on
> an sca.org host, because they don't want any "official" mailing lists
> with postings by anyone who isn't speaking for SCA Inc.

Hunh. That's pretty strange. I know the folks who have our local
mailing list registered (sca-list@caer-galen.outlands.sca.org), and
they also register our local users at that address (yournamehere@caer-

I must protest that they have been MOST open about registering these
(and I guar-ron-tee that the CG list is NOT speaking in any official
capacity -- *I've* posted there! :^).

Perhaps you have gotten ahold of the wrong person?

> This is a bit of an extreme position, but it's not so surprising for
> such a conservative corporation.

I find it strange that he would allow registration of the Outlands'
stuff and not Atlantia's.

branwynn ottersby
Caer Galen, Outlands