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Selecting Crowns

Regarding the recent discussions:

Hm.  MAybe it's time for the InterKingdom Advisory Council (IAC) to take up a
possible revision of the method of choosing the Crown. I would like to see any
recommendation provide *options* for kingdoms to choose from rather than re-
vamping the system and requiring all kingdoms to do it one new way.

Some kingdoms may like double-elim.

Some kingdoms may want to do an A&S tourney like the Barony of the Western Seas

Some kingdoms may want to try a war-leader tourney (especially the Pennsic
kingdoms, perhaps?)

It would be nice to have an option of how to choose the Crowns.  Even in one
kingdom, the method could vary from Crown Tourney to Crown Tourney.

Here, for example, the Pennsic Crown could be double-elim or war-leader and
the 12th night Crown could be an A&S tourney.

Or not, depending.

The InterKingdom Advisory Council is the place to send any ideas about
changing this part of Corpora.

To contact Hal Heydt, the head of the IAC, write to:

Wilson H. Heydt, Jr.
Chairman, IAC
1145 Talbot Ave.
Albany, CA 94706
E-mail: djheydt@uclink.berkeley.edu


        - Anarra Karlsdottir, Caer Mear