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Fwd: Agh! Tuesday practice change

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Subj:    Agh! Tuesday practice change
Date:    96-04-04 22:47:16 EST
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Greetings to everyone on the central region war practice mailing list from
Sir Corby.

Due to spring break for local schools, our regular Tuesday fight practice
site is CLOSED next week, so the regular Second Tuesday Melee Night is
POSTPONED until the THIRD Tuesday of April.

So, come on up or down to Caer Mear two tuesdays from now, not next Tuesday.

On another note, the work detail at the Central Region War Practice Site went
VERY well. The campsites are cleared, the tight spots in the road identified
for quick fixes, and the fighting fields selected. THe woods site looks
especially neat--open enough to not get clogged in brush, but with enough
character to make for some interesting tactical challenges.

We now are 90% definite on a (hilly) open areas for field battles as well.

Please come! THe weekend of May 11th. If you have water jugs, please bring
them, regardless of what the Acorn says.

We also now have a rapier marshall who will handle that end of things.


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