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	Greeting to one and all. 

 On April the 8th there will be a Bardic at my house starting at 7:00pm. 
Many people in the area (Central NC) have asked for directions to my house 
since I just moved into it. Well here they are. 

	Direction to the House of Calli from 40

	Take 40 (Which ever direction you want) to Exit 278. 
	At the exit ramp turn right (Doesn't matter where you came from)
	You are know heading down 55 (east).
	When you get to the 55/54 cross. (Within sight of exit ramps)
	Turn right on to 54 West. 
	At the first RED LIGHT you get to turn left onto Revere Rd. 
	Follow Revere and park in the parking lot of the Library/Baseball field
	(Field and Library on your right)
	Now get out and walk down to 5150 Revere Rd where you will see shields
	and signs outside. 

	If you want to drive in and drop people/things off feel free. But there
 	is not alot of room in my driveway. 

  My Phone number is 919 572 0207 if you need more info on how to get there. 
For those to far away to make it I am sorry.  :( Have a great weekend and let
the singing begin. 

Scott Callicutt Multimedia System Admin 
919 515 3569
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