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Pay to Fight (was Re: Master James)

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At 12:58 PM 4/7/96 -0500, Mar Yaakov wrote:

[Many things, almost all of which I agree with. I am writing to correct a
minor error which might otherwise dilute his excellent argument.]

>Ex: After the revocation of "pay-to-fight," the Midrealm included
>pay-to-fight in its kingdom laws.  This took an act of the Midrealm curia,
>duely published in The Pale.  In Atlantia, the MOL at the time of the
>revocation simply decided it made things administratively easier if
>Atlantia kept pay to fight and unilaterally decided to keep it.  Said MOL
>then left to become princess, so her successor maintained the policy.  To
>the best of my knowledge, it is still the policy.  Yet it has never been
>formaly entered into Atlantian law by whatever process is used here for

In the April, A.S. XXX issue of the Acorn, on page 4, under "Changes to
Kingdom Law enacted by Michael and Seonaid":
"Add the following section:
16.3 To participate as a combatant (to include rapier and combat archer), an
individual must be a paid member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc."

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