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Re: Selecting Crowns

Lord Alfredo writes speculatively about selecting three Royal Princes in 
three tourneys, then having someone chose between them for the Royal Heir 
to the Crown of Atlantia.

Good heavens, that is hardly ambitious enough.

Let us create four principalities in Atlantia.  Each Principality will 
hold a Coronet tourney the winner of which will serve as Territorial 
Prince of that Principality.  Then a body of Electors can chose between 
the four Princes to decide which will become the Royal Heir.  After 
serving six months as Territorial Prince, that Aetheling will become the 
King of Atlantia.

The Coronet Tourney and Coroneting would be held on the same day, to 
reduce the number of events, there would be no more Crown Tourneys, and 
provisions would be made to rotate the "Heirship" between the 
Principalities, so no principality would have it twice consecutively.

Now all we have to decide are who are the electors...

In Service
Leifr Johansson

Note:  an Aetheling was the Saxon term for a Royal Prince who was 
considered to be eligable for election to the Crown.
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