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Re: Selecting Crowns

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Subject: Re: Selecting Crowns
Author:  edh@ascc01.ascc.att.com (Ed Hopkins) at INTERNET
Date:    4/8/96 4:02 PM

These two missives have given me an idea.  Please pardon me if 
it has already been propsed.
I propose two or three Crown Tourneys in a short space of time,
each producing a Prince by Right of Arms, and then, after six months, 
one of them is chosen to be the next king, perhaps by the current King,
or by Curia, or by the populace, or perhaps by a melee or Arts & Sciences 
competition, or one of the other methods previosly suggested to replace 
rather than supplement the tourney selection.
I see two advantages to this proposal:
1. It is a compromise between the current system and one of the proposed
2. As far as I know, it does not require a change in Corpora.
   Corpora currently states that a new King must be raised to that 
   state from that of a Prince chosen by Tourney, but I don't 
   beleive it mentions that this elevation must be automatic, or 
   that only one Tourney may be held per term.
If I am in error, I welcome correction.
-- Alfredo el Bufon


Fascinating concept.  Perhaps this could even be done by region, i.e., 
Northern's candidate, Central's candidate, Southern's candidate...

Hey, let's face it:  Being royalty is NOT an easy job, and having THREE 
Crown Princes (or whatever we chose to call them) would mean being able 
to spread out the work, at least for awhile. 

As to their title:  perhaps Heir(s) Apparent?


I would be in favor of making sure that the procedure did NOT turn into 
a simple popularity contest at that point.  Voting would NOT be a 
likely finis to this scenario.

Perhaps a tourney where the three candidates fight, oh, say, six or 
seven of the top UNBELTS in the kingdom, and any ties after that being 
resolved by single combat?

That way, the populace gets to see a) the top three candidates, b) a 
mixture of fighters for each candidate (or the same 7, unless the same 
7 would be worn out by then), and a good time is had by all.  The 
victor would truly feel that he had won, not only by simple prowess in 
combat, but by endurance as well...

Just a thought...

Jonathan Blackbow, returning to the 'Net after too long 

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