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Re: Selecting Crowns

Lord Jonathan Blackbow writes:

> Fascinating concept.  Perhaps this could even be done by region, i.e., 
> Northern's candidate, Central's candidate, Southern's candidate...
> I would be in favor of making sure that the procedure did NOT turn into 
> a simple popularity contest at that point.  Voting would NOT be a 
> likely finis to this scenario.

Well, it seems to me that the point and problem with the system is that 
we WANT Kings who are both popular, and capable of handling the theatric 
aspects of the job (see Master James' latest missive).  Being a 
territorial prince FIRST, as I suggested elsewhere, and then chosing 
between them for the best candidate I think is a nifty way of achieving 

I think the Princes should be asked first if they can agree on one of 
them being King.  Then, if that doesn't produce a consensus, I think the 
Landed Barons should act as Electors, and vote for their choice as King 
(if a couple disagrees, half a vote each).  If you can't get 2/3rds of 
the Baronies to agree (that's 9 votes, right now), Then, by god, let the
Candidates have a war.

I suspect we would get a war once every two or three years, with 
different principalities aligning differently each time.  That would 
reduce the common problem of lingering hard feelings, and would give us a 
variety of means for selecting our Crown.

After all, the Princes could decide to hold a round-robin tourney, or a 
chess match, or an A&S competition, and agree to abide by the result ;-).

Or maybe the Princesses would have a competition...

All is possible, once you realize that the legitimacy of the Crown rests 
on the acknowledgement of the Populace.

In Service
Leifr Johansson

Of course, we would have a sudden vast increase in the number of 
Viscounts kicking around...
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