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Re: Selecting Crowns

Leifr Johansson writes:

> Lord Jonathan Blackbow writes:
> > Fascinating concept.  Perhaps this could even be done by region, i.e.,
> > Northern's candidate, Central's candidate, Southern's candidate...
> <snip>
> > I would be in favor of making sure that the procedure did NOT turn into
> > a simple popularity contest at that point.  Voting would NOT be a
> > likely finis to this scenario.
> Well, it seems to me that the point and problem with the system is that
> we WANT Kings who are both popular, and capable of handling the theatric
> aspects of the job (see Master James' latest missive).  Being a
> territorial prince FIRST, as I suggested elsewhere, and then chosing
> between them for the best candidate I think is a nifty way of achieving
> this.
[ several very good points omitted]
> Of course, we would have a sudden vast increase in the number of
> Viscounts kicking around...

I would like to clarify that my idea was a series of Crown Tourneys that
are as _open_ as the current single Crown Tourney.  Lord Leifr suggestion
that Coronet Tourneys lead to a King would require a change in Corpora
as well as dividing all of Atlantia into Principalities.  Lord Jonathan's
regional-candidate idea would also require a change in Corpora.
Furthermore, I believe that regional competition for tangible results
(rather than brag rights) fosters Bad Blood.

-- Alfredo
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