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Re: Selecting Crowns

On Apr 8,  5:24pm, Leifr Johansson wrote:
> Well, it seems to me that the point and problem with the system is that
> we WANT Kings who are both popular, and capable of handling the theatric
> aspects of the job (see Master James' latest missive).  Being a
> territorial prince FIRST, as I suggested elsewhere, and then chosing
> between them for the best candidate I think is a nifty way of achieving
> this.
> Of course, we would have a sudden vast increase in the number of
> Viscounts kicking around...

Then on Apr 10,  5:57pm, he wrote:

> I believe that if you had three or more Crown tourneys, you'd end up with
> a lot of ex-Princes who could not get retirement titles.  I don't think
> you could get to be a Viscount for being an ex-royal prince who never
> served as King.
> However, if the Princes were territorial, even if they didn't get to be
> King, they would get retirement titles.  That is, they would become
> Viscounts.

I'm confused.  Does Lord Leifr consider a plethora of Viscounts to be
a Good Thing, or a Bad Thing?

Mine own opinion is that the title "Viscount" is strange (with that
weird silent "s" in the middle) and my unstudied impression is that it
wasn't all that common in the Original Middle Ages.

> Also, if they were territorial princes, there would be a number of
> occasions when Only ONE prince would want to become King.  The other
> three would want to only serve as Prince.

OTOH, if they were non-territorial princes, there would be a number of
occasions when only one Prince would want to become King.  The other
three would want only to serve a Prince.  Why should we suppose that
a stint as _Royal_ Highness would be so much less attractive a prospect
as a stint as _Serene_ Highness?

>                                           That would mean that the four
> Princes would have a good chance of choosing one of their own simply by
> talking to each other.

Then we would have the same result as now:  someone wins a Crown Tourney,
serves six months as Prince, then, meeting no other requirements, becomes
King.  This may well be a satisfactory result for all.  If so, we don't
need to create four new Principalities to achieve it; we have it now.

-- Alfredo

Ed Hopkins
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