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Selecting Crowns

Greetings to the Merry Rose,

First of all, I would like to inform his Highness, and any one else who 
is distressed by this conversation, that in fact I tend to support the 
current system for chosing our Crown the way it is.

That does not, however, prevent me from having fun thinking about 

Both Alfredo and Jonathan have wondered about the notion of having more 
viscounts kicking around.  They both seem to think that this might not be 
a good thing.  Frankly, considering how much I've come to respect both 
Viscount Wolfbrandr and Viscountess Leia, I can't imagine any reason not 
to have more of them around.

Jonathan seems to think having a bunch of intra-kingdom wars on the 
schedule would be a good idea.  Considering the fact that for the last 
few years we have not been allowed (by the Crown) to have Inter-baronial 
wars, just because of the bad blood they engender, the idea of 
inter-regional wars does not wash well.  Wars, including Pennsic, start 
to get stall and nasty if repeated to often.  I don't object to the idea 
of an occasional war, especially if the groups form different alliances 
at each one.  Annual, and semi-annual wars are just not that great an idea.

(I'm quoting various Royal peers about that one ;-)

I think Atlantia SHOULD have principalities.  I think there should be 
more then one, maybe as many as four.  I think they should be drawn in 
such a way as to encourage cross border movement and to discourage ideas 
of going Kingdom.

As for the idea of having three Crown tourneys, and letting anyone go to 
any of the tourneys, have you considered the ways to game this.  Three 
knights of the same household decide to go to different tourneys, rather 
then meet in their local one?

Will you allow losers from the earlier tourneys to travel to other 
tourneys?  Lots of opportunity for gaming in that scenario.

Will you all the winner of an earlier tourney to fight in a later one?  
LOTS of opportunity for gaming in THAT scenario.

As for having the winners of the Crown tourneys who do not become Crown 
Prince get no title at all, well, heck, whats the point of fighting then?

In Service
Leifr Johansson
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