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Re: Selecting Crowns

> Both Alfredo and Jonathan have wondered about the notion of having more 
> viscounts kicking around.  They both seem to think that this might not be 
> a good thing.  Frankly, considering how much I've come to respect both 
> Viscount Wolfbrandr and Viscountess Leia, I can't imagine any reason not 
> to have more of them around.
   I have read you opinions on This subject.  I respect what You say. You 
express Yourself very well.  We don't need more Principalities withiun 
this Kingdom.
> Jonathan seems to think having a bunch of intra-kingdom wars on the 
> schedule would be a good idea.  Considering the fact that for the last 
> few years we have not been allowed (by the Crown) to have Inter-baronial 
> wars, just because of the bad blood they engender, the idea of 
> inter-regional wars does not wash well.  Wars, including Pennsic, start 
> to get stall and nasty if repeated to often.  I don't object to the idea 
> of an occasional war, especially if the groups form different alliances 
> at each one.  Annual, and semi-annual wars are just not that great an idea.

     Again, you make a good point.    More Wars are a Great Idea I 
think.  They are alot of fun for most of us.  The Ban on Inter Baronial 
Wars is silly.  I think more people would behave themselves and not have 
Bad feelings towards these activities.  Several years agao, we had a 
Border War with Nottinghill Coill and it was great.  We use to have 
annual Battles with Thor's Mountain.  These should be encouraged and not 
discouraged.   I honestly believe these wars could halp more than hurt.

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