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Re: Selecting Crowns

> Both Alfredo and Jonathan have wondered about the notion of having more
> viscounts kicking around.  They both seem to think that this might not be
> a good thing.  Frankly, considering how much I've come to respect both
> Viscount Wolfbrandr and Viscountess Leia, I can't imagine any reason not
> to have more of them around.

I would like to take this opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings
about my previous posting on this subject.  I did NOT mean to imply that
Viscount Wolfbrandr, Viscountess Leia, or any other gentle who held a
viscountcy was a weird person with a silent s in the middle who should
not proliferate.

I predict that, if Atlantia were to be divided into four Pricipalities,
that it would not actually produce more Viscounts Wolfbrandr and
Viscountesses Leia.  I base this on my acquaintance with some
Viscounts and Viscountesses in the Eastern Principality of AEthelmearc.

-- Alfredo

Ed Hopkins
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