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Re: Loch Norman Highland Games

On Fri, 12 Apr 1996, Matthew Allen Newsome wrote:

> Greetings one and all!!
> I come to you with a great plea for help.  HELP!!  Is there anyone in the 
> Research Triangle area who is planning on attending the Loch Norman 
> Highland Games near Charlotte on the 20th or 21st?  A good friend of mine 
> from NC State really wants to go.  He has a way to get there, but 
> unfortunately, no way back :(.  If anyone near him is going, and can give 
> him a ride back to campus (or anywhere in the vicinity) either Saturday 
> night or Sunday sometime, please email me ASAP.  Thank you, thank you, 
> thank you!
> Aye,
      I can't wait to see You Partner. I just may show up.  How well do 
you think I would look in a Kilt?

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