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Re: Selecting Crowns

Lord Achbar, you write:

>    I have read you opinions on This subject.  I respect what You say. You 
> express Yourself very well.  We don't need more Principalities withiun 
> this Kingdom.

I suppose you mean we don't need ANY principalities within the Kingdom.
Any reason why not?  As the Principality of the Mists tends to demonstrate,
principalities (and territorial princes, for that matter) are not BAD things.
At about 1800 people, Atlantia is reaching an effective limit of direct
contact between the Royalty and the populace.  That, I think, is the driving
reason to establish principalities.  At present, we have NO pressure to grow
as a Kingdom.  Principalities would encourage growth.
>      Again, you make a good point.    More Wars are a Great Idea I 
> think.  They are alot of fun for most of us.  The Ban on Inter Baronial 
> Wars is silly.  I think more people would behave themselves and not have 
> Bad feelings towards these activities.  Several years agao, we had a 
> Border War with Nottinghill Coill and it was great.  We use to have 
> annual Battles with Thor's Mountain.  These should be encouraged and not 
> discouraged.   I honestly believe these wars could halp more than hurt.
I'm not necessarily against inter-baronial wars, I just think that making 
them annual, repeating occurances is a BAD idea.  In this, I accept Duke 
Richard's opinion, and bow to his greater experience.

In service
Leifr Johansson
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