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Internecine Warfare (Was: Selecting Crowns)

:| I'm not necessarily against inter-baronial wars, I just think that making 
:| them annual, repeating occurances is a BAD idea.  In this, I accept Duke 
:| Richard's opinion, and bow to his greater experience.
:| Leifr Johansson

Not being privy to any of the earlier discussions on this matter I am 
unfamiliar with _anyone's_ opinions concerning inter-baronial wars.

In my experience local and regional conflict can provide wonderful
opportunities for interaction between groups, and can establish a
framework on which to willingly suspend our disbelief.  The trick is, 
we can not allow ourselves to take it (and ourselves) too seriously.

In my home Barony of Carillion (long may She shine) we held regular wars, 
with anyone who would accept.  These declarations of war were accompanied 
with appropriate Schtick and a great time was had by all.  It wasn't 
about testosterone levels or who won or lost, we were having FUN.
For example one war started after the lovely(?) sister(??) of our noble 
Baron Pog O' Mahon was kidnapped by an infatuated neighbor.  There was much 
todo throughout the day, there was much good fighting, and in court, Peg 
O' M-heart (actually Eddie Z, Vicount Sir Edward, Fast Eddie, Member of 
the BOD....in drag *) was returned (with much accompanying Schtick) and 
it was decided thet we would have to do it again, and again , and again.

You may have noticed how much Schtick entered into the equation....by 
coming into it with the idea of it being fun, instead of coldly 
competitive, we assured the enjoyment of all.

If we could all just learn to play nice, wars would be no problem. It's 
when people start thinking that their positions in the SCA really 
_mean_ something and start getting wrapped up in 'not necessarily who we 
are, but who we _ought_ to be' that we encounter problems.

I've been all over the known world, and have seen many ways of playing 
this game we call the SCA. While there are many area Atlantia could be 
used as a positive example, there are some that truly need work.  
Unfortunately, politics and factionalism are right at the top of the list.

 The one key I've found to happy participants is the willingness to allow
each their own fun. We all pay the same membership fee, and most of us
have to pay site fees and travel expenses as well.  We should each have 
an equal voice in the policy making and direction of this, OUR 

There is enough room here for all of us, as long as we don't want it ALL.

Yours, In service to Queen, Kingdom, and Atlantian Rapier,

Edward of Carillion

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