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Re: Selecting Crowns

>I suppose you mean we don't need ANY principalities within the Kingdom.
>Any reason why not?  As the Principality of the Mists tends to demonstrate,
>principalities (and territorial princes, for that matter) are not BAD things.
>At about 1800 people, Atlantia is reaching an effective limit of direct
>contact between the Royalty and the populace.  That, I think, is the driving
>reason to establish principalities.  At present, we have NO pressure to grow
>as a Kingdom.  Principalities would encourage growth.
>>   I feel that More is not Better.  We have enough trouble finding
Officers for Baronial and Kingdom Level.  Let us not add Principality to
this list as well.
>I'm not necessarily against inter-baronial wars, I just think that making 
>them annual, repeating occurances is a BAD idea.  In this, I accept Duke 
>Richard's opinion, and bow to his greater experience.
>  Perhaps you are correct Here.  I won't argue with this point at All.

Achbar ibn Ali

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