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Baron's Veto

Greetings unto the gentles of Atlantia!

        I have a simple question regarding a comment made by our Baron at 
Sunday's Baronial Business meeting.  Is it true that...

        "I have this little known power to veto any spending decision." - 
Baron John   ?

(We were discussing the pavillion fund our barony has had for several years 
now and the Baron said he would veto any vote for a CANVAS pavillion.)
        I tried to find references to this vote in Corpora and Red Tape and 
failed.  I am just curious if this is correct.  As an officer filling two 
votes, I am wondering if my votes are even worth anything if they can be 
instantly vetoed at The Coronets whim.   Thank you.
                                                                Lady Sorcha 
de Glys

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