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Re: Crown Tourneys

> Choosing our monarchs is a matter of Magic.
> It has nothing to do with fairness to individuals.
> It has very little to do with military leadership.
> The Crown is Magic.  The Crown Tournament is our Magic Rite.
> I doubt that ANY proposed reform, however sensible, can be sold to
> the SCA; it will split on this issue.  However, any reform that tries
> to sell itself on its merits will have to sell itself on its MAGIC
> merits.
> Finnvarr de Taahe (duke, to declare an interest)

Your Grace,

Twenty five years ago I would have agreed with you.
Fifteen years ago I wouldn't have dared say I was uncomfortable
with the idea.  Ten years ago I got fed up with the magic
and began to see only prestidigitation and foolery.
Now I have to work hard to remember what the Magic was like.

Crown Tournaments may still be magic for many in the SCA.
But for many others there's NO MAGIC - only tightly controlled

Tournaments are a wonderful way to choose a Queen of Love and
Beauty.  Tournaments are a lousy way to choose a powerful,
sought-after, and influential office.

You can convert a Muslim or a Jew or a Pagan to Christ (or visa versa)
if you hold a big enough sword over him.  But you can't teach the
joys of Allah or the excitement of Freya or the peace of Jesus to
an unbeliever by just describing to him how wonderful the whole
thing is.  If you are proscribed from participation in something
(be it religion, or tournaments, or darning socks) you're just 
NOT going to see the "magic" in it.

I wish that kings and queens and tournaments were magic again,
and that officers for the SCA were chosen by some other method.

In service,
(who's been hit enough in her life, and will -never-
put herself in a position to be hit again.)

P.S.  By the way Finvarr, we've got to stop meeting like this...
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