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Selecting Crowns -- Definitions

     Want to know something funny about what Corpora says?
     Unless Alfredo left something off, there's NOTHING in Corpora that 
     says that there can't be two, or three, or four Crown Lists, OR that 
     the "Combat" so specified has to be single combat tourney style.
     Isn't that a riot?
     Now, WAIT - here's something else.
     Does Corpora specifically say "Heavy Weapons Combat"?
     What the heck - boffer weapons!  Water Pistols at ten paces!  Sorry, 
     Water Crossbows!
     Now, before anybody gets annoyed, I'm not seriously advocating any of 
     this...I'm just pointing out that unless I'm missing some text, there 
     is a VERY broad definition to "Martial" combat.  Heck, for all I know, 
     thumb-wrestling may qualify.
First of all, this is what does Corpora currently says about the 
Selection of Royalty:
V.A.1 A kingdom is a sovereign entity within the Society which has the
  right to select a ruling King and Queen by combat.
VI.A.1.a.(3) Royal Lists.  Properly constituted Lists to determine, by
  combat, the successors to current royalty.  Royal Lists must be conducted 
  at a tournament announced in the kingdom newsletter as being for that 
  purpose. They are known as "Crown Lists" for kingdoms, and "Coronet Lists" 
  for principalities.
VI.A.1.b Selection of Royalty
   (1) Each competitor in a Royal Lists must be fighting for a
  prospective consort of the opposite gender.
    (2) Each competitor in a Royal Lists and each prospective consort
  must be at least an Associate or Family member with immediate access to 
  newsletters provided by a subscribing membership at their residence. 
  One or the other must be a subscribing member.  The victor and 
  prospective consort must maintain their memberships throughout their 
  tenure as royal heirs and as royalty.  (See Governing and Policy 
  Decision #4.)
    (3) No one may take part in a Royal Lists, either as a competitor
  or as a prospective consort, who has any reason to believe that either 
  member of that competing couple will be unable to fulfill the duties of 
-Just pointing out some (possibly) unwarranted assumptions,


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