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Crown Tourneys

If you don't mind an out-of-kingdom type speaking on this, here are my 
thoughts, composed not long ago the LAST time I got into such a discussion.

Choosing our monarchs is a matter of Magic.

It has nothing to do with fairness to individuals.

It has less to do with politics than you think.

It has very little to do with military leadership.

Who would argue that we get the best political and military leadership by our 
current methods?  If it's political leadership you want, start thinking about 
representative institutions, which is something the SCA badly needs.  If it's 
military leadership, rev up the War College.

The Crown is Magic.  The Crown Tournament is our Magic Rite.

If no one cheats -- very important -- then Crown Tournament puts the 
selection of our monarchs in the Laps of the Gods.  Fighters go out and 
strive to win the crown for themselves and their consorts, but no one 
controls the process.

The person who wins has been subject to very direct scrutiny; their fitness 
has been judged, by a Magic standard, rather than a Rational or Political 
standard, and they are stuck with trying to live up to the decision of the 
gods.  And their Magic consort is their responsibility too (and vice-versa).  
And is likewise stuck.

I doubt that ANY proposed reform, however sensible, can be sold to the SCA; 
it will split on this issue.  However, any reform that tries to sell itself 
on its merits will have to sell itself on its MAGIC merits.  

Finnvarr de Taahe (duke, to declare an interest)

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