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Playing songbook

Thank you all for your responses to my inquiry. I now know to scroll down 
on all my messages to see if something is there before deleting them.

I was wondering if anyone in Atlantia might want to play songbook with 
me. There are a couple of songs I'm looking for and some of the best 
stuff I've found has come from Atlantia. I know better than to post songs 
on the listserv, but direct e-mail should be ok.

There was a big controversy on the Outlands listserv recently about 
trading songs over the internet. Copyright issues on the net are a hot 
topic anyway, but I received a lot of flack for trading songs in this 
manner. I consider it to be part of the oral tradition. I have been 
trading songs at SCA events for years. The final concensus, I believe, 
was that it was ok as long as the authors of the songs didn't mind, so I 
have been contacting them and asking for their opinions on the subject. 
Most seem to prefer face-to-face trades, but have given permission for 
this method as well.

-Pendar the Bard
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