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That Crown thing again.


I believe that if you had three or more Crown tourneys, you'd end up with 
a lot of ex-Princes who could not get retirement titles.  I don't think 
you could get to be a Viscount for being an ex-royal prince who never 
served as King.

However, if the Princes were territorial, even if they didn't get to be 
King, they would get retirement titles.  That is, they would become 

Also, if they were territorial princes, there would be a number of 
occasions when Only ONE prince would want to become King.  the other 
three would want to only serve as Prince.  That would mean that the four 
Princes would have a good chance of chosing one of their own simply by 
talking to each other.

Or they could agree to hold a contest of some sort to decide the issue.

Maybe half the time that wouldn't happen, and the election would be 
thrown to the Barons.  A requireement to have 9 out of 13 baronies 
support one candidate certainly reduces the chance that one region will 
dominate the Crown.

I like your idea for wars, but I don't think the Kingdom should be having 
them twice a year, so we obviously need to make that a rare occassion.

Then if you add a couple more rules, such as a principality can't have 
the Crown more then twice in a row, and can't have the Summer or Winter 
reign more then twice in a row, also that a Principality must have the 
Crown at least once within four years.  These rules would allow us to 
know that certain princes are not viable for the Crown in certain reigns, 
and occassionally one prince will have to become the Crown.

I haven't this great fear of regionality which you express.  I think that 
particularly if border groups are allowed to change principalities fairly 
easily, that the Kingdom would definitely be stronger.

But we can't have a war every six months.

In SErvice
Leifr Johansson
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