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Jonathan's CCMAIL - translated for normal mailers

Greetings, good gentles!

Since Jonathan seems to be having difficulty conquering his mailer (at 
least I imagine so considering the slew of fragmentary messages I've 
gotten from him), I figured I'd enter the fray:


Author:  David H Ritterskamp at DPCDES01
Date:    4/9/96  8:44 AM
Priority: Normal
Receipt Requested
TO: atlantia@csc.ncsu.edu at INTERNET
Subject: Selecting Crowns, a collective reply
     Leifr wrote (and I'll reply point by point):
     Well, it seems to me that the point and problem with the system is 
     that we WANT Kings who are both popular, and capable of handling the 
     theatric aspects of the job (see Master James' latest missive).  
     a territorial prince FIRST, as I suggested elsewhere, and then 
     between them for the best candidate I think is a nifty way of 
     achieving this.
     (Popular, yes; politically popular, not necessarily.  I can think of 
     several people who are popular, and yet not politically good 
     the vagaries of politics being what they are.  Do you really want to 
     leave the Crown up to popular vote?  
     If this is attempted, I foresee (putting hand to forehead in full 
     'fortuneteller' motif) candidates being 'elected', declaring 
     'platforms', 'reforms', etc., in short, all the BS that goes along 
     with mundane politics today.  NOT my idea of fun.)
     I think the Princes should be asked first if they can agree on one 
     them being King.  
     (See above.)
     Then, if that doesn't produce a consensus, I think the Landed Barons 
     should act as Electors, and vote for their choice as King (if a 
     disagrees, half a vote each). 
     (See above.)
      If you can't get 2/3rds of the Baronies to agree (that's 9 votes, 
     right now), Then, by god, let the Candidates have a war.
     (That would be my first option rather than the last option.)
     I suspect we would get a war once every two or three years, with 
     different principalities aligning differently each time.  That would 
     reduce the common problem of lingering hard feelings, and would give 
     us a variety of means for selecting our Crown.
     (I mostly agree here; I once wondered aloud why there weren't more 
     events simulating 'border wars', with factions and the like, and was 
     told that if that were to happen, pretty soon there'd be real 
     developing, and bad feelings because So And So kicked our butts last 
     time, so it's us against them, and...etc.  Anything that avoids 
     lingering hard feelings is a good thing.  Anything that PRECLUDES 
     feelings is even better.)
     Alfredo writes:
     I would like to clarify that my idea was a series of Crown Tourneys 
     that are as _open_ as the current single Crown Tourney.  Lord Leifr 
     suggestion that Coronet Tourneys lead to a King would require a 
     in Corpora as well as dividing all of Atlantia into Principalities.  
     Lord Jonathan's regional-candidate idea would also require a change 
     Corpora. Furthermore, I believe that regional competition for 
     results (rather than brag rights) fosters Bad Blood.
     (First, I feel compelled to mention that I don't know enough about 
     Corpora to say this with complete certainty.  HOWEVER...I clearly 
     wasn't specific enough about it.  Take Two...
     A Northern, Central, Southern setup doesn't necessarily mean that 
     Northern can't compete in Southern's tourney, just that if he, oh, 
     say, fails to win Northern's and really feels that he's a viable 
     candidate, he can drive (quick! examine that man) to Southern's [or 
     Central's] tourney, possibly win, and be the 'Southern' candidate.  
     Sorry, Alfredo-mea culpa on that one.  I would be the LAST person to 
     advocate choosing candidates based on Region...then we really would 
     have a nasty situation, with populace segments backing various 
     candidates for their geographical affinity, rather than for the 
     candidate they truly believed to be worthy.  
     On the other hand, if Joe Northern drove down to Southern's tourney, 
     that would be a plus for him in my book; he's showing that as a 
     Northern candidate he has the courage of his convictions to drive 
     clear down here in the lowlands to prove it [Vivat to HRH Galmr for 
     doing just that @ Gulf Wars and various other decidedly 'Southern' 
     events, and one of these days I plan to be as committed to a good 
     to drive ungodly distances...[Black Tower, anyone?  Raise your 
     Sorry to wax this loquacious, but, hey, where ELSE is anybody going 
     listen without being able to interrupt? ~(:->)
     Last one:
     Eogan quoth:
     In response to Jonathan Blackbow's recent post,
     I beleive that the most signifigant thing he said was 
     "...a good time had by all."
     Just reminding everyone :)
     (Why, thank you, Eogan.  Remind me to buy you at least a beer after 
     get down off this soapbox.  
     Remember, folx, I'm just exploring the current system and 
     brainstorming alternatives, primarily because if people were happy 
     with the current system, there wouldn't be much discussion on 
     alternatives, now would there?
     ...If the idea is good, it'll carry itself; if the idea is not good, 
     hey, that's what a discussion forum is for in the first place.
     *sits back down, empties a large tankard, hands one to Eogan, and 
     settles back to watch the fireworks...*
     J. Blackbow

Jonathan, wanna just use me as a translation service until you get your act 
together? *wry grin*

						In Service, I remain,


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lisa@trinet.com                        lilacs from the dead land, mixing
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