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Re: Pas Tourney Type

Hi Eogan.  I'd love to.  Let me see if I archived what I sent to the
Calontir list last summer...


Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 07:27:44 -0500
From: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.math.harvard.edu>
To: Multiple recipients of list <calontir@unl.edu>
Subject: Re: War story, PW XXIV

Greetings from Tibor.

Magic moments at Pennsic 24?  There were quite a few... and some pretty
pleasant ones, too.

[Snip of story of East/Midrealm Rapier Tourney]

My "magic moment" however, was the Pas d'Armes, sponsored by the six
Tourneying Societies of the Known World.  Starting with the "Helm Schau" on
Monday night, where each company proceeded in, placed their helms on the
tables for display, and various agrievements (some planned, and some
obviously unplanned) were adjudicated by the judges.

Several days later, there was the actual Pas d'Armes.  We proceeded (each
company in order of its founding) from the town hall to the tourney field.
(I was herald for the assembled companies of Saint Michael the Defender, and
Saint Mark, East and Atlantia).  The field was set up way in the corner of
the field: and it was GLORIOUS.  White wooden fences formed the outside,
each upright bearing a pennant which flapped in the breeze: the center fence
dividing the field cross-wise, and each corner field of honor having
separate entrances for holders and challengers.  And, each company having a
viewing stand for the ladies of the company.  Each fighter with resplendent
armor, war banners for each company, gleaming harness and bright sunshine...
Heralds in livery with white batons shining...  It was magic.

Duke Eliahu was resplendent as the King of Arms: the tabard he wore had the
arms of each company upon it, and he strode the field, with his long grey
hair honoring his head.  Each field was to have a different form of
tournament, each authentic.  Ours was to be 3-5 man melees at the barriers,
a plaisance to two good blows.  After the first blow, each combatant was to
retire from the field, touch their banner and make their war cry, and

Within the four hour display of the best tourneying the Society can offer,
was one magic moment.  The Kingdom of Acre has a tourneying society, the
Order of Saint Adrian. They came, with their sponsor, the Bishop of Acre.
Just before the salutes, he entered the field, and started speaking: "Holy
Father..."  Without thought or rehearsal, all the fighters and heralds in
the list went to one knee.  When he finished, we all crossed ourselves, and
stood up.  (Even me, the Jewish raised and atheistic person that I am.)  It
was incredible.  For just a moment, I was a herald, in service to a great
company, blessed by a BISHOP to further the performance of my duties.  I
actually think I may have understood what I hope I could have done in the

The combat was unbelievable.  And the final combat was for all the defenders
to hold one side of the barrier, and the other manned by the challengers.
Some challengers were honored by being asked to join the defenders.  For one
of them, I got to see why.  Sir Coley (is that how his name is spelled?),
bearing his polearm, strode up and down the barrier.  He was untouched: but
every single strike he made was acknowledged, and the defender retired.  It
was brilliant.

I could go on longer, even, than I have.  It was, without doubt, the single
most authentic and worthwhile thing I have ever done within the Society: I
hope some day to do it again.  I am sorry if you missed it.

[Snip of story of Andrixos waking Calontir, and his neighbors]


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