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The Feast of the Thirty...

                                                           The Feast of the
                                                               Falcon Cree
                                                             17-19 May 1996
	Falcon Cree will again be hosting The Feast of the Thirty at the beautiful
setting of King's Mountain.  Come for the food - Stay for the fun.
	Heavies - Breach Battle Team tourney for 5 - man teams.  There is an 8 -
foot wide hole in the castle wall.  It is your team's job to fight your way
and annihilate the opposition.  So grab your spear or war shield and join in
	Duello - Team and individual tourneys will be held.
	Archery - We are planning to hold an IKAC target archery shoot at thisevent.
	A & S -   Open display category and a leatherworking category with proper

	FEAST- Another year has come and gone, we invite you back to another
feast of wonders.  This year, the feast will again be created by the renowned
members of Guild Gray ( Aaron Forrester, Brother Stephen, Lady Mehr, and
Nykademos Grey ).  If you want to show someone what a great SCA feast is
really like, then this is the one to bring them to.  Guests with special
concerns need to contact the autocrats well in advance.  Word To The Wise:
feast sells out every year.  You greatly improve your chances by registering
Feast reservations close Fri, May 3rd 1996.  The feastcrat buys food based on
maximum seating capacity or ( though it hasn't happened yet ) the number of
paid reservations received by the cutoff date, whichever is smaller.  We have
choice but to put all feast registrations received after May 3rd on the
waiting list. 
	Accommodations: Cabins with 2-4 bunks are available for no extra fee. 
Cabin space is limited and will be assigned, so state your preferences with
	Fees: On-board: ___13___,  Children 6-12 _____6____, Babes in arms, free.
	           Off board: ____8_____, Children6-12 ______4_____, Babes in arms
		Total fees for families will not exceed those for three adults.
	Reservations: No on-board reservations accepted after May 3, 1996; NO PHONE
RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED, Send check or money order payable to Falcon Cree / SCA
If you wish to help serve or work in the kitchen please send that with your
	Autocrats: Donal Moorham McCrae ( MKA Brian Williamson )
( 864 ) 322-6761 After 5 PM. E-Mail -  DUEListt @AOL.com

Sinclair Hawkins ( MKA Trey Sutter ),  315 Beatrice St. Greenville , SC 29611
( 864 ) 220-0122   E-mail  Tsutter@delphi.com                           

DIRECTIONS: Take exit 2 on I-85 just north of the NC border.
Go south on 216 thru the  National Military Park.
Follow signs to group camps and Camp Cherokee.
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