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cc:Mail Works?

     I see other people doing it; can I?
     Ooh!  Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy, happy happy joy joy happy 
     happy joy (etc.)
     And I'd like to thank the Academy for the two lovely ladies who so 
     graciously ("WHAT?!  HE WANTS US TO HAND-TYPE WHAT???") agreed to deal 
     with my verbose little messages (Sort of an oxymoron, don't you 
     think?) by posting them to the mailing list since I could receive, but 
     not transmit.  (The classic "Broken Radio" ploy again, eh?)
     Anyway...if anybody ever wants to try sensory deprivation, just don't 
     email to the list, and sit back and watch everybody discuss all these 
     things that you just can't wait to talk to them about!  It's like 
     being in a group of people who talk to you and then breathlessly await 
     what you have to say, but the only thing you can do is gurgle 
     unintelligibly...(gee, sounds like an alcohol-laden party if ever 
     there was one!)
     I've gone on enough about my (hopefully) restored capacity, so, on 
     with the show!
     Thanks for surviving the netburps & such,
     J. Blackbow

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