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To reply to Crown question...

     Leifr wrote:
     I believe that if you had three or more Crown tourneys, you'd end up 
     with a lot of ex-Princes who could not get retirement titles.  I don't 
     think you could get to be a Viscount for being an ex-royal prince who 
     never served as King.
     (So, don't let them keep the title of Crown Prince.  The only real 
     Crown Prince is the guy who won between the candidates.)
     However, if the Princes were territorial, even if they didn't get to 
     be King, they would get retirement titles.  That is, they would become 
     (We're not talking about ACTUALLY, Contractually, and legally 
     splitting the kingdom into principalities, are we?  People tend to 
     think of the kingdom in terms of thirds anyway - Northern, Central, 
     and Southern - and yet they're not legally separate critters.)
     (Oh, BTW, so what if they become Viscounts?  The world needs more 
     Viscounts. ;>)
     Also, if they were territorial princes, there would be a number of 
     occasions when Only ONE prince would want to become King.  the other 
     three would want to only serve as Prince.  That would mean that the 
     four Princes would have a good chance of chosing one of their own 
     simply by talking to each other.
     (It's possible, but think for a minute - if a somebody becomes a 
     prince, either he got really lucky when he didn't think he would 
     (witness my first Crown Tourney, where it went like this;  Fight, 
     Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, win a lucky Fight, OK, You're in 
     the Final Four.  [The scream that echoed through the hills was my 
     own.]) OR, he really thinks he's a viable candidate, and talking him 
     out of that position is going to take WORK.  Better to settle it 
     Or they could agree to hold a contest of some sort to decide the 
     (a Contest of Some Sort.  I can see the event name now:  There Can Be 
     Only One.  Catchy, no?  I've heard it somewhere, but the specifics 
     escape me...;>)
     Maybe half the time that wouldn't happen, and the election would be 
     thrown to the Barons.  A requireement to have 9 out of 13 baronies 
     support one candidate certainly reduces the chance that one region 
     will dominate the Crown.
     (I am foursquare against any setup that ends in an election.  Too 
     politically motivated.  I'm not worried about one region dominating 
     the Crown; we've already had that and no harm came of it.  [Sanford 
     and Research Triangle Park may stand and be recognized at this point] 
     If the Crown were to be dominated by a BAD series of kings, then I 
     suspect at that point that the push to separate the kingdom into two 
     principalities would suddenly take on more meaning.  Oops, did I start 
     that little sideline up again?  PLEASE don't...[steps to one side to 
     escape the thundering herd of people running for cover])
     I like your idea for wars, but I don't think the Kingdom should be 
     having them twice a year, so we obviously need to make that a rare 
     (Let's see, how many wars does the kingdom participate in now?  
     Pennsic, Pointless, Gulf, Fool's, Sea Wars (aka Toys For Tots War, or 
     something like that); well, that's five.  Personally, if they had a 
     war every month, I wouldn't turn it down.  Where else can you fight 
     with the guys that you have to fight against the rest of the time?  
     There are a handful of fighters that LIKE single combat tourneys, 
     another handful that FIGHT in them because they're there, and the rest 
     of the fighters would MUCH rather fight in Melees because they're MUCH 
     more fun. 
     Tell you what - anybody who DOESN'T want another couple of wars per 
     year, raise your hand/voice.  It may not be representative, but you 
     might be surprised to learn how many people really would like more 
     WAR!  [Hey, it's a chant:  More War!  More War!]
     Then if you add a couple more rules, such as a principality can't have 
     the Crown more then twice in a row, and can't have the Summer or 
     Winter reign more then twice in a row, also that a Principality must 
     have the Crown at least once within four years.  These rules would 
     allow us to know that certain princes are not viable for the Crown in 
     certain reigns, and occassionally one prince will have to become the 
     (The more rules you put in, the more unwieldy the whole thing 
     I haven't this great fear of regionality which you express.  I think 
     that particularly if border groups are allowed to change 
     principalities fairly easily, that the Kingdom would definitely be 
     (Define 'Border', please...as near as I can tell, everybody in 
     Virginia and NC is 'border' in that they're next to another region.  
     Charlotte's next to Southern, Black Diamond's next to Northern, 
     Richmond's next to Central, etc.
     For what it's worth, I agree that there should be some way for people 
     in the North to get to know (instead of guess about) people in the 
     South, and vice versa.  I probably only know about a third, maximum, 
     of the people north of Richmond, and that's my loss.  The same can 
     probably be said for everybody up North about the South and vice 
     versa, and that's too bad.  BUT I don't want a war with Northern 
     against Central and Southern (or whatever combo) to be the only reason 
     I meet these people, when they're defending their turf, as it were...)
     But we can't have a war every six months.
     (SAYS WHO???)
     That's it for now for me.  Tune in tomorrow, same (you thought I was 
     going to say it, didn't you? ;P) time, same channel...

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