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No Subject

     Various people wrote:
     Alfredo el Bufon wrote:
     >I'm not sure I understand this.  This seems to imply that the winners 
     of >the April Crown would serve as Prince and Princess for only two 
     months. >And it seems there would be no Crown Prince at all from 
     December to April. >Is that correct?
     One of the differences I noticed when I moved to Atlantia was what a 
     LONG time the winners of Crown Tourney were royal.  In An Tir, where 
     they also have 6-month reigns, there is May Crown followed by July 
     coronation (Crown prince/ss for 2 months) and September Crown followed 
     by coronation at 12th Night (Crown prince/ss for 3 months - one extra 
     month to get spiffy garb together :)
     There is no Crown prince/ss from January to May nor from July to 
     The West Kingdom does the following: March Crown followed by Beltaine 
     (May Coronation) followed by June Crown, followed by Purgatorio 
     (August Coronation) followed by October Crown, followed by 12th Night 
     (January Coronation).
     Here May Crown will be followed by coronation in September (Crown 
     for 4 months) then one reigns until April - up to 50 weeks of being 
     royal!  Wow! (Do I have that right?  If Cuan and Brigit were crowned 
     September 9 and are stepping down April 20th isn't that a 7+ month 
     reign?  Does that mean Galmr
     and Katherina will have a less-than-five month reign?  Ohhhh, I'm so 
     More interKingdom Anthropology.
     Anarra, Alfredo (sounds like an Italian dish to me:  Anarra Alfredo!)
     Anarra, you're correct, as bizarre as it sounds.  I think it used to 
     be fairly close on term of reign (THINK being the operative word 
     here), but if you think about it, nothing much (%wise) happens during 
     the winter, & EVERYTHING happens during the summer, & as you 
     previously noted, the people getting on the throne have already been 
     on there for at least a couple of months.  I think that while there is 
     no hard and fast rule on it, each successive Crown Prince is 
     encouraged to have his crown tourney ASAP after assuming the throne, 
     to do two things:  1)ensure stability for the kingdom by removing 
     speculation and the like, and 2)giving the kingdom basically twice the 
     amount of royalty it had before, and let's face it, the populace likes 
     to see the royalty.  So by the time Galmr and Katerina climb down off 
     the throne, they've been royalty for...oh, say, (november to 
     september[counting on his fingers], that's basically eleven months.  
     Remember that Cuan and Brigit had to endure some freezing weather, 
     smaller turnouts, etc., but for a longer period of time, while Galmr & 
     Katerina will probably be running their royal blankies off to events, 
     as in Pennsic, Pointless, Emerald, and basically all the big 
     spring/summer/fall events that make life fun, albeit for a couple of 
     months less than their predecessors.  
     Note, however, that there is no real hard and fast rule per se; I 
     think I remember reading somewhere that each king shall reign for a 
     six month period or so, but realistically, who's counting?  By the 
     time you come down off the throne, it probably feels like it was 
     forever, anyway, because the practical difference between Crown Prince 
     and King isn't that much.
     J. Blackbow
     (see that guy standing over there with the potato gun?  It's too big 
     to be Logan & not big enough to be Kane, so it must be HRH Galmr...;>)

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