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HTML coding opportunity

Good gentles,

Pardon my posting to the list of a message whose contents are decidedly 
unmedieval, but considering the number of computer geeks I count among my 
dearest friends in the SCA I'm hoping this will be an opportunity for one 
or several among us.  (And I do hope people don't take offense at this - 
it isn't a make-money-fast scheme, it's an honest-to-god job opportunity.)

The company for which I work, TriNet Services (http://www.trinet.com/), is 
looking to contract out
HTML coding projects to people with HTML experience (not necessarily
professionals, just professional quality! We're looking for skilled
college students / hobbyists as well as pros.) and their own Internet 

We can send you the raw material electronically, and you can mark it up 
and return it to us the same way, so there's no geographical 
restriction.  If you're looking to fund your trip to Pennsic this year, 
this could be a good way - we're offering $10 to $20 an hour, depending 
upon experience.

If anyone is interested, please email me!  

					In service,

						Lisa (Melys thinks computers
						are blackest witchcraft...)

Lisa Lorenzin
Web Developer
TriNet Services, Inc.


Angharad Melys of Clan Baldwin, Free Scholar
Sacred Stone / Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia

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