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For those of you who missed it, Siege of Troy-

     Greetings folx!
     For those of you who missed it, Siege of Troy was an exercise in 
     excitement and fun, especially for the heavy fighters...
     I won't go into details about who won what and how well anybody did; 
     the fighters will hear all about it and the nonfighters' eyes would 
     soon glaze over.
     I will say this to all the fighters who didn't go:  you missed a hell 
     of a good time.  If you can put together a group of five people whose 
     defensive skills are good, you'll do well in this event.  
     The thing about Siege that separates it from many other events is that 
     it's a series of battles which aren't really about winning by killing 
     many people; they're about winning by completing the scenario in 
     question quickly, OR (since the scoring system this year was changed 
     to reflect defensive effort as well) keeping the attackers from 
     winning quickly.  There are many ways to do this that don't involve 
     being the God of Death team.
     One item of note:  The COMBAT ARCHERS (blatant plug!) looked like they 
     had a great time and contributed immensely to a) their teams' efforts 
     and b) the amusement of the crowd; there's nothing quite like seeing a 
     heavy fighter staring at the spot that the arrow just hit him in to 
     set off an appreciative audience, which was present.
     Basically, the fighters that participated left the field sore as hell 
     and grinning like madmen...
     ...and a good time was had by all.
     You didn't go to this one, you missed it...

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