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Re: For those of you who missed it, Siege of Troy-

At 11:04 AM 4/15/96 EST, David H Ritterskamp wrote:
>     Greetings folx!
>     For those of you who missed it, Siege of Troy was an exercise in 
>     excitement and fun, especially for the heavy fighters...
>     I won't go into details about who won what and how well anybody did; 
>     the fighters will hear all about it and the nonfighters' eyes would 
>     soon glaze over.
>     I will say this to all the fighters who didn't go:  you missed a hell 
>     of a good time.  If you can put together a group of five people whose 
>     defensive skills are good, you'll do well in this event.  
>     The thing about Siege that separates it from many other events is that 
>     it's a series of battles which aren't really about winning by killing 
>     many people; they're about winning by completing the scenario in 
>     question quickly, OR (since the scoring system this year was changed 
>     to reflect defensive effort as well) keeping the attackers from 
>     winning quickly.  There are many ways to do this that don't involve 
>     being the God of Death team.
>     One item of note:  The COMBAT ARCHERS (blatant plug!) looked like they 
>     had a great time and contributed immensely to a) their teams' efforts 
>     and b) the amusement of the crowd; there's nothing quite like seeing a 
>     heavy fighter staring at the spot that the arrow just hit him in to 
>     set off an appreciative audience, which was present.
>     Basically, the fighters that participated left the field sore as hell 
>     and grinning like madmen...
>     ...and a good time was had by all.
>     You didn't go to this one, you missed it...
>     -Blackbow
>-Who Won?

Achbar ibn Ali

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