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Crown Tourney

     I don't know, your Highness.  Isn't that kind of, well, behind the 
     times?  You know all the young people coming down the pike want 
     something more avant-garde.
     ROFL, J. Blackbow

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Subject: Crown Tourney
Author:  Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu> at INTERNET
Date:    4/16/96 10:24 AM

Despite the interesting discussion on the topic, life goes on.  For those 
of you not horrified by the Old Traditions(tm) :), consider attending my 
Crown Tourney in about 3 weeks:  
                   Crown Tourney of Galmr & Katharina
                                Surry, VA
                       May 3,4,5, A.S. XXXI (1996)
      Their Royal Majesties, Galmr and Katharina call upon the good people of
 Atlantia to join them at their Crown Tournament.  Share with them the 
 festivities and glories of this happy event.
 In addition to the Crown Tournament itself, there will also be the following 
      1.   A Rapier Tourney; the tourney will take place in the morning, before
           the commencement of Crown Tourney.
      2.   Target Archery; IKAC and general competition.
      3.   A&S Competitions; it will be a four-part competition, centered on
           the Toast.
           a.   Brewing - something with which to drink the toast
           b.   Drinking vessel (in any medium) - a cup from which to drink
                the toast
           c.   The Toast itself - in honor of Their Majesties and Their new
           d.   Sublety - a confectionery fantasy to delight Their Majesties
                and Highnesses
      4.   Children's Activities; There will be a boffer tourney and/or palio
           as well as some quiet time activities during the afternoon.
 There will be more detailed information on all the weekends activities in a 
 mailing going out to all Seneschals and Barons/Baroness' (it will also go out 
 on the Internet).
 The site is Pipsico Boy Scout Reservation in Surry, VA.  The site opens at 5:00 
 pm on Friday, May 3, and closes at 2:00 pm on Sunday, May 5.  This is a 
 beautiful site with many amenities including;
      1.   11 camp sites - Each camp site is equipped with bathroom facilities,
           running (potable), water, some tent platforms and picnic tables. 
           Each site will take approximately 15 - 20 tents.  If you want to 
           camp with a particular group or groups, specify in your reservation 
           so that we can try and get you all together.
      2.   There are drink machines and ice can be purchased on site. 
      3.   HOT Showers (not solar).
      4.   Merchants are welcome - there is space nearby the field for all.
 The feast will be prepared by Duchess Seonaid ni Fhionn.  There will also be 
 a light breakfast and lunch available for all comers.  Please contact Duchess
 Seonaid with any special dietary considerations.  There will be a full menu in 
 the seneschal's mailing (and on the internet).
 Offboard/No Camp        Offboard/Camp   Onboard/No Camp     Onboard/Camp
      $ 6.00                $ 9.00           $13.00          $16.00
 Children under 4 years of age are no charge; Children 4-13 are half-price; 
 Families will be charged for a maximum of two children.  All prices (except 
 Off-Board/No Camp) increase by $3.00 at the door.  Make checks payable to: 
 Kingdom of Atlantia - SCA, Inc.
 Autocrat: Lady Bethany of Bedford      
           Helene McWhirter
           5417 Silbert Road
           Norfolk, VA  23509
           (804) 855-9600
 Co-Autocrat/Cook:   Duchess Seonaid ni Fhionn
                     Barbra E. Bolt
                     3645 Deerfield Drive
                     Suffolk, VA  23435
                     (804) 686-0364
Directions:    Take your best route to I-295, South of Richmond,  Take 
Exit 9, Route 156 North, towards Hopewell, approximately 3 miles.  The 
road tees out at Hopewell.  Turn right onto Route 10 etowards Surry.  Go 
21 miles on Route 10 to Spring Grove (intersection of Route 40 and Route 
610).  Turn left on Route 610.  Go 6 miles, Camp Pipsico will be on the 
left side.  There is a large sign at the entrance.
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