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	The question we are asking is "what is it to be King?" 
 I guess I have thought about that a little bit. Most of us have not been 
King and many more don't want to be the King. But we all have our ideas as to
what a King should be. Some say that the person should lead us in most things.
Others claim that the King should award the people as the people see fit. 
So I guess it all comes down to the fact that the King should be the King
for everyone. To some he should be the person who sits back and awards. 
To others he should be the leader. This is very hard and I don't think anyone
could really do it. So no matter what happens someone will be unhappy with 
any king we have. All in all I would say that everyone who has entered the 
Crown tourney has thought about what it means to King. That," what if I become
King ?", question has to be asked of yourself. So maybe instead of looking 
at it from the point of view of being outside looking in. Everyone should
take a second and imagine what it would be like to be King or Queen.
What would you do? How would you handle all the awards recomindations?
How would you handle the times when you know people want to hear you 
speak some sort of words of inspirations before the army goes to the 
field or after it marches back to camp? These are hard question and I am
not sure if anyone can answer them untill you are put on the spot to do them.

	The King is part of the Center of our game. He is expected to do 
things by us all. In the end I think every King tries his best. He does what
he thinks is best and moved on. This argument will never end because the King
is different to everyone. This is the hardest job of all. The King is part
of a dream that has many versions and many endings. All we as his subjects
can really ask of him is to do his best. 

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