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Re: Royal Class

>>So whose version of the class should be taught?

>All of the above.  My request is not for a "This is how to be Royal" class.
>My request is for "This is what being Royal is like".

>        - Anarra (more willing now?  ;)

No, still vaguely unwilling.  To teach "what being King was like for me"
would require me to describe what I did, and why, and is tightly bound
to my theories of worthy kingship.  While I am more than willing to
philosophise at length on duties of worthy kingship on this forum, I
am somewhat unwilling to teach a class on it.  Perhaps because _this_
forum allows all input, and therefore everyone understands that you
must cull and seive for value here; whereas to teach a class at the
University of Atlantia is to claim some pre-eminence for your theories,
and to have them imbued with the patina of approval.

Finally, I think that such a class might easily degenerate into a
self-serving round of stories of how much Duke X or Earl Y served
the Kingdom, told by the particulars themselves.  Which seems pretty
damn immodest for my taste.  And I'm not very modest :^)

Which is not to say that I won't tell such stories around a campfire
if asked in certain situations.  But I am not Counte Guidobaldi, to
spin wild fabrications at will in service of my overweening ambition.


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