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Re: Source of Legitmacy

On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, Matthew Allen Newsome wrote:

> Just a quick request.  I have been playing in the SCA for neigh three 
> years (...counts in his head, yeah, that's right), and have played out of 
> kingdom once, in Trimaris.  My limited knowledge of other kingdoms comes 
> from a 1989 map of the Knowne World, that does not include Acre.  Could 
> someone please tell me where this kingdom is located , and why it is a 
> "Knowne World" kingdom, but not a "Laurel" kingdom?  I'm sure there are 
> others out there ignorant on this point as well.

Is it because it's an independent kingdom and technically not governed by 
the BoD, even though they are playing a very similar game?

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