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Kingdom of Acre

My lady wife and I enjoyed a long visit in the Acre
encampment at Pennsic one year.  As I recall, their
chief characteristics are these:

They are indeed focused on the very narrow time and
place of the historical Kingdom of Acre set up in
the Holy Land by Crusaders.

They mint tokens called "bezants" that are earned
thru service and used for paying feoffs.  (My guide
gave me one of the lesser silver bezants as a

They do not ignore the religious aspect of medieval
life as much as we do; they have an office of Bishop,
and, I believe, a parallel office for those holding
Moslem personas.

They play the same sort of real-blows/rattan-weapons fighting
that we do in the SCA, as opposed to the choreographed-blows/
steel-weapons stuff practiced by some other reenactors.

Titled nobles in general must amass enough bezants to
meet their feudal obligations, and in particular, the
King must garner enough supporters to defeat all other
claimants in battle, though he need not be a fighter

Their device is a gold stag on a silver sheild, something
absolutely forbinning under SCA heraldry, but historically

They mostly play in the downstate New York area.

As I mentioned, these factoids come from one evening's
conversation years ago; I may have misremebered or
misunderstood parts of it.

-- Alfredo

Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
Carpe dulcem diem -- Seize a nice day.
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