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Re: Crowns -Reply

Re: Crowns -Reply

>>> H L. Falls <hlf@holmes.acc.Virginia.EDU> wrote:>>>
Quoth Dafydd:

> Earlier I wrote:
>  >  > > [...] the Barony of the Far Isles (I believe:
Hawaii, anyway,
  I don't remember the name of the Hawaii group
> at the moment.  Everything else I said is still correct, I
> they choose their Baron/ess by alternating tournament and
> competition.
>  > Dafydd

   Western Seas, isn't it?  (If not, I'm gonna be _real_
embarrassed -- my (persona) sister is from there...  :-)


Yes, Hawaii is the Barony of the Western Seas, part of the
Kingdom of Caid.  It didn't start *out* with that name, and
on some maps of many years ago may have had the earlier form,
which may be where some confusion comes from.
Incidentally, from my experience, the alternating Tourney/A&S
competitions for the Baronial seat in Western Seas worked
extremely well-- there was no difference in the esteem or
respect granted a Baron/ess whether one was such by arms or
by arts.  In fact, I believe the greatest accolades were
given to those who could win *both*.  

May your enemies clean their blades with brine, and sharpen
them on each other,

--Chelidon Silvertongue

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