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Spiff Scrolls

Nia, by the good graces of <zofran@deepthot.cary.nc.us> wrote:
>Drool factor of 10...the scrolls for Cuan  and Brigit, both songs and titles,
>and ALL of the treasure chest stuff was GORGEOUS... Vivat! for the fabulous
>artists of this Kingdom.

Regarding the scrolls: A big round of thanks goes to Duke Anton, for
it was his idea to have them made, after being audience to a group of
crazed carolers around 2:30 in the morning singing the 13th Night Carol
(whose words were the scroll texts).

Cuan's scroll shows him being pasted with a snowball thrown by Kane.
Brigit's had four illo's, including one of her mopping the floor.
They were wonderful.

Evan (one of the dozen or so carol-mongers that snowy night)
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