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Re: Crowns

> Kari writes:
> >Isn't it true that in some other kingdom it is a rotating crown
> >with one tourney being heavy, the next one A&S, etc. etc.?
> Nope.  It is not true.
> What you are remembering is the rotation scheme for the Baronial
> Seat of the Barony of the Far Isles (I believe: Hawaii, anyway,
> although I think it also includes Guam and a bunch of other
> military bases possibly including Okinawa and Korea).  And that
> is _very_ exceptional, as it is the only Barony which is determined
> by competition of any sort anywhere in the SCA.

  [Ducking in quickly and looking around nervously.]
  Not to disagree with you Your Excellency.  (Actually I'm not
actually disagreeing, I just have a bit of information which may be
relevant.)  I beleive there was a rumor floating around at Pointless,
or possibly Pennsic - perhaps Aethlemarc might rotate two or three
kings a year, with the Winter King being determined by an A&S
competition rather than Heavy Combat.  
  Or so I recall hearing...  (Of couse there are a LOT of rumors
floating about... especially when you live this close to the possible
future crossroads of THREE kingdoms!)
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